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Adele and the Broken Hearted

Adele's album 21 hit every nerve for me considering the circumstances surrounding the father of my child and losing the second love of my life.

The first was to a very unfortunate accident that took a life way too early but he will be remembered forever in spirit. I was 19 and he was the single greatest catalyst for me to try and live each moment to the fullest, to be proud of who you are and to show it. An angel in my life. An angel for everyone. David Anthony Serge.

The other to some way other than God's way.
Lost and tragic, torn apart and struggling to find words to even speak.
And we have an angel that deserves more. I give her all of it. All that I can.
Thankfully God found me sitting there after many years of ignoring Him. He found me crying and begging for help. And he answered my prayers.
I am strong, active, healthy, and I have all the love inside of my heart for my daughter, ready to do what it takes. As far as I know I am not the only one out there left in this kind of situation or one like it.
I cannot understand this type of treatment of a family.
It is not for me to know.
It is for me to forgive, to carry on, and to be the best me I can be.

Ready, set, GO!

I hear her commentary about how she really does not care too much for her previous partner any longer and I laugh. I have certainly been down that road. Ultimately as I listen to her words and hear what she has to share in her more intimate moments, I feel a kinship. A kinship to an abusive relationship and the haggard emotions that surround them. I cannot even listen to this album some days because I still feel heartbroken.

When does that end God?

I look for scripture to help the broken hearted.
Psalm 34:18 Te Lord is close to the brokenhearted; he rescues those whose spirits are broken.
Psalm 147:3 He heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds.
Ah the Psalms. Prose and song. AMEN!

So where do we learn to be honest true and committed in relationship.
Our parents? My parents are divorced. Ok...

Two things come to mind.

1 Corinthians 13 says about as much as one can say. If you love then these things apply, no exceptions. If these things do not apply, then you do not love. I'll look more carefully next time.
"Love your neighbor as yourself" - The Good Ol' Golden Rule.

And so what becomes of the broken hearted?

Allow God in more. Fill the emptiness with God's love, His presence, and do what makes you shine! God will not let you down. Get devoted to using that broken heart to do good, to share your gifts, to move you on to the next phase of your love. And honor the place inside you that is devoted to the love you feel. If it is real and true than it is a beautiful gift be it present, past, or future.

Adele talks a little about her story here and in Rolling Stone
If you haven't heard the album, please take a listen it has so much spark and life. Loaded with talent.

And as my story equally strong, confident and genuinely loving human emerges.

A photo essay of Adele's 2009 tour. Behind the scenes.

Adorable children dancing and singing to Adele. My little one likes Rumor Has it. LOL. From the mouths of babes.

The One & Only Adele
Aol Sessions Interview with Adele
Crazy for you Live on BBC Radio. This is the first Adele song I ever heard. Been a huge fan since. This is a brilliant version.

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