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Emotional Maturity, Spiritual Maturity

Maturity, for most of us, is a choice. We have to decide it's time and take action.

The 7 Steps to Emotional Maturity
Michael Powers look at Emoitonal Maturity
Edward Morler writes for us that Emotional Maturity is a Concious Choice offers a hands on selection of tools. Teaching Men and Women How to Grow Up.

A friend of mine told me about a book she was reading a few years back and I went straight down to Border's and ordered it. They called me a week later and it had arrived. I was excited.

Emotionally Health Spirituality

Peter Scazzero is the senior pastor of New Life Fellowship Church which he founded in 1987 in Queens, NY. He holds a Masters of Divinty (which I aspire to also receive) and a Doctor of Ministry in Marriage and Family (also a noteworthy and appreciated accomplishment). Peter is married and has four daughters. Together he and his wife grew together, matured spiritually together and then founded Emotionally Healthy Spiritualty.

Peter shares his story with us. His pitfalls, his dealings as a pastor, his trials as a human, and ultimately how he rises above through devotion and full faith. I found the book extremely helpful and inspirational. Peter and his wife share their enormous faith and humanness with all who wish to strengthen their lives in Christ. They lay it out for us in ways that we can walk away and begin changes that make a difference.

Everything I learned increased my spiritual relationship with God, wth my family, with my friends, and with myself. It is a helpful tool for walking through the steps of emotional maturity that we all face, in a spiritual sense. It is a great tool to bring to your congregation for group work and bible study. There is a workbook available also to help you better track your growth and give you even more tools in moving along your journey with Christ and life itself.

Preach it Teach it: blog on the book
John & Mindy McCracken blog about their trip to St. Louis, God's work in their lives, and attendence to one of Geri and Peter Scazzero's summits.

sidenote: I often listen to iTunes radio while I work. I listen to religious acapella music geared towards kids. It reminds me to see Jesus with a child's eyes and heart as well as provides positive stimulation for staying focused. It also gives my daughter a chance to hear more about God, other than at Sunday school, and provides a peaceful background to her playing and learning. If You're Happy and You Know It is sung on the station. One of our favorties. You all know the song. Sung four times through. Clap your hands, stomp your feet, say Amen, then do all three. Let me tell gets us joyous and helps the day become more fun and light!

While looking for a version of this song I found this instead.
If You're Happy and You Know It, Say Amen
There are quite a few good versions of this song on youtube.
This one is acapella which is nice and it was real people being real. I like it!

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