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Pass it On
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Forget your troubles

What things help you forget to worry?

I like to drive with the windows down and the music loud singing my heart out and driving swiftly (but very carefully of course!)

I like to research such things as The Ergonomics of Economics. I'll let ya'll know what I find out.

I like to call my friends and family and tell them I love them.

I like to do nothing but focus on my daughter and her day, her life and doing the things that bring her joy!

India Arie makes music. Strength Courage and Wisdom
Jessica Kung is an aspiring foodie and nutritional student. 100 Passionate People
Marshall Rosenberg set up a foundation for the education and practice of non violent communication.
Dawanna Young makes amazing and beautiful pieces of artwork in the form of fanciful jewelry. Peaces of Indigo
Andy and Serenity started a Food Pantry in their home in Oregon and have 4 beautiful children. Jubilee Food Pantry.

You can do whatever your heart desires and when you enter with passion and confidence - the feeling on the other side is one where worry cannot penetrate. So get out there and make those moments matter. Not with worry but with LOVE.

on a side note:
Ok...when researching someone who was using money to help or simply helping others make that kind of choice...I put this into google.
"how to really use your money to help people"
The results on the first page where beware articles about where not to send your money and ways to look "stupid" so beware.
This is not what I asked for is it?
Page 10 wasn't any more promising.
I will have to get back to this one.
Which made me think of the previous searches. And the borage of objectionable material I am faced with based on computer filters and popularity.

In conclusion...LOL

The single most effective way I have found not to worry is by connecting myself and my life to God more every day.

It's a very personal relationship. Just for me. And you can have one too.
Cause it helps.
And honestly, after trying many other things and failing, it's the only one that works and lasts.

And I am putting equal weight on the idea that sharing ones gifts...through music, dance, space exploration, psychology, nutritional health research, or simply being loving in all you do...sharing your gifts makes you shine and feel good. It shows others your most authentic self and inspires them to find the same within themselves.

I am a devoted mom, I paint, dance, sing, bake, teach Sunday school, and I learn from my mistakes and grow, Closer to God...closer to me. Win-Win.

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