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Sierra Ladrones - The Blessing Way

The Blessing Way - Doug West

Incentive to get this beautiful work of art framed. I own this scene in original serigraph format. It is still carefully packaged until I get it framed. It is long and of abnormal size which makes custom framing desired. I think I know just the place.

Justin's Frame Designs.
(505) 955-1911

"Custom conservation framing and designer mirrors, an international selection of moulding and closed-corner gilded and leather frames, specialty millwork and finishes, site-specific fabrication and installation, as well as photographic services including digital editing and imaging. Justin's Frame Designs offers experienced archival quality to a wide selection of Santa Fe artists, galleries, and interior design consultants." *

It's been way too long. But on the plus, it appears to have appreciated in value. It deserves to be wish me luck!

On a much more intimate note.
Ortiz Mtns

I have looked at the Ortiz Mountains for the past 11 years while living in Santa Fe with a longing and an aesthetic draw. I LOVE seeing them. I was fortunate enough to go on a guided hike through the Santa Fe Botanical Garden Preserve one overcast and interesting day. I did enjoy being there and the view was amazing, the history rich, and the consequences of mining apparent yet able to be revived. The Santa Fe Botanical Gardens own the surface rights to the area yet he mining rights still to someone else. And once a long time ago to the Ortiz family I suppose. Madrid, a quaint, quirky little mining town at the bottom of those mountains has water saturated with Sulfur making it a less desirable location to settle. Fine by the locals I imagine and fine by me. I love that little town and all its quirks!

I look at the amazing serigraph above, remember when I got it, and I see why those mountains seem familiar. The two mountain areas have the same isolated craggy peaks that just please the eye and make me think awh! look at those beautiful mountains. So...

A personal goal of mine will be to find this lost land pirate paradise called the Sierra Ladrones and find out what the Blessing Way is all about. It is South of Santa Fe near Socorro. Not many folks visit the area due to its remote factor. There are no campsites, you must access the range from a very long dirt roads, and there are no marked trails.

Totally excited! One of the local Meetup groups makes regular trips up there. It will be adventurous, and strenuous. I will need to start preparing. Exercise is on the top of my list - DO THESE NOW, so I am even more motivated now.

Sierra Ladrones

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Unknown said...

Those are beautiful peaks but seem very rugged. Cuidado.