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Santa Fe Craigslist.

I have found that the Santa Fe Craigslist has been effective and helpful in all areas of my life for both posting and getting introduced to the right people for the right services or employment. I look almost daily trying to find the right types of things for me to dive into to help support my family. I have been rather blessed to come across both interesting and lucrative opportunities. There have also been posts I wish I had not opened and the usual ranting and raving that any good grumbling group of Americans would

With all of my faith in place quite strong and having no particular affiliation with any denomination more than another...I find this post refreshing in a city where there are more religion choices than you can shake a stick at. Maybe there is a different way to praise God and belong where the "rules" are nothing more than than love God, believe in Christ, and love one another as yoursself. Let's hope that this group accomplishes that. I may have to check it out but I thought I would pass it along...

Love Jesus but Dislike the Church?

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