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Write About Your Spiritual Purpose

Today's blog title is my nurturance tool for the day.

I think it will be a fabulous idea to get myself a clear and concise written spiritual of the many tasks of the day.

I have been choosing one at random to do each day from the 4 columns each concerning a facet of yourself (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual)

This comes from a list that I have called 60 Ways to Nurture Yourself

It can be found I have no affiliation with the website or know anything about their counseling resources. I do like this list!

It was given to me on paper without any of this other info by The First Born Program. It is a great program through The United Way of Santa Fe. Lisa has been visiting my home almost weekly since I was pregnant with Isabela. She has been a wonderful resource, a caring and supportive friend, and an excellent help in all areas concerning Isabela. I receive pages addressing the issues I may have interest in finding out more about. She has lent me books about development and behavior, the toddler years, as well as gotten me contact information for resources I have found helpful to succeed more effectively. What an valueable service to anyone who may be feeling alone in the first three years of parenting your first child. Thank you God. Thank you Lisa!

For 8.30.2011 the nurturance was to Talk to someone by pretending they are facing you in an empty chair. So I thought to myself:

If you really feel the need to speak your mind to someone you may not actually wish to speak words to…it would be great to set two chairs out and sit facing the empty chair pretending as if they were there and you have that talk!


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