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When I find useful information...I like to save it until I use it.

So maybe I am a little bit of a pack rat. I am in the process of simplifying. YAY!

The other day while cleaning and clearing out more of the clutter and junk, I found a great article from the Utne Reader back in 2002, Can't hear your inner voice? - 11 questions to help you find your mission in life.

#3 Do you want a good job or a good life?
Sometimes our calling is not necessarily how we make money and perhaps it is nice to keep our calling free from the beating of the daily grind.

#5 What Feels Natural?
It is asking you to take a look at your natural rhythm and how you can possibly cater your career choice to the way you operate.

Do you know what your inner voice is telling you?
Maybe it's time to take a listen.

Make Room For Your Dreams.

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