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...and it's all small stuff.
Richard Carlson, PhD

#73 - Make Service an Integral Part of Your Life

To become a kinder, more loving individual requires action. Yet, ironically, there is nothing specific you have to do, no prescription to follow. Rather, most genuine acts of kindness and generosity seem natural; they stem from a type of thinking where service and giving have been integrated into the person’s thought process. The key, I believe, is to remember that being of service isn’t a one-time effort. Instead a life of service is a lifelong process, a way of thinking about life. I have learned that the best way to be of service is often very simple – it’s those little, quiet, often unnoticed acts of kindness that I can choose on a daily basis. Giving is its own reward.

I love this...
One of the many gifts I have been given is the heart of a servicewoman. I always want to help.
This reminder is for me to get my buns more motivated in this regard. Luckily I have already been amping up those efforts.
I purchased a book recently from the soon to be closing Borders. I was extremely enthusiastic about the prospect of being a philanthropist without spending a dime. Things I could do to help everyday. Some take little effort, some take much. 330 ways to help with all the information compiled into one manual. Sweet!

How to be an Everyday Philanthropist

I have been stepping up in my congregation to take on some more helpful positions of service as well. In fact the thing I like best about Zia United Methodist is how much service work we do as a team. It's a small congregation just beginning to really spread it's wings. The pastor is an excellent woman with a true and good heart. Someone I call Mother Bethany. I'm really excited to be able to help little ones learn about the love God has in store for them when they choose to walk with Him. A chance to rethink why I am here as well, a chance to strengthen my ties to the Lord and to meet Jesus as He has asked a child.

This blog is the beginning of another aspect to the service I have begun. I am looking forward to bringing wisdom and love to my own life and those touched by this blog. I am thankful that I am open to hearing what God has in store for my each and every day. So please lend me your insights, your wisdom and comments, and topics that you want to hear about.

Whatever your gifts...go have some fun spreading LOVE!

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