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And Away We Go... here goes this whole inspiring blogger business...

This morning after starting the day a bit rocky...I decided to make better use of what I am given and do things the way I really want to be doing them. So here I am. again. only this time different. DEVOTED

list of things I have done differently and really felt it, acknowledged it, and then made progress
singing with conviction no matter who is watching
dancing like no one is there
volunteering my time to do something I will love that is service to others
being a better person...(IE: CLOSER TO GOD)
making boundaries
asserting important parts of myself and subduing others, healthily

NONE of this was possible until I let God fill the empty place inside me...literally feel it there inside whenever I struggle the most...I feel it the most to remind me. And it propels me here and into so many activities in my life that I am so very glad for...

I love you!

Our God is an Awesme God - Glad - Acapella Group...Really Good

oh and this was my other reminder today...

Let He Who Is Without Sin Cast The First Stone ♥ John 8:1-11

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