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Chaco Canyon

After trying to figure out where to begin the "journey" into blogging I thought I would start with photos. So this is my first event worthy batch of photos...Chaco Canyon. I thought...well yes this is a great place to begin. So here goes...

I went with a very good friend to see this breathtaking and amazingly interesting ancient place of gathering....Chaco Canyon.

I remember walking up and seeing the ruins before me... breathtaking. Feeling the stones as I walked along...searching for the spirit of the place amidst the fallen walls. I remember the large kivas (photograph above) and feeling very moved while around them and the red dirt stones that were once part of a magnificent room for spiritual ceremony. I had many an opportunity to explore and photograph the ruins and after a little hike up to the top of a mesa was able to have a little ceremony to release the past. A new beginning.

Chaco Canyon National Historical Park Description

Frommer's Guide Description

Located in the northwestern corner of New Mexico, Chaco Culture National Historic Park is in a remote location connected to the outside world by a gravel road, Route 57. It is south of Farmington and Bloomfield and northeast of Gallup.

From Santa Fe, you get the scenic route by Valles Caldera and Cuba, NM.

Valles Caldera is a 12 mi (19 km) wide volcanic caldera in the Jemez Mountains of northern New Mexico.

Cuba is a small agriculture community from days of old. I remember after a lovely bit of hiking and a scenic overlook, I was blessed to carry away two small pieces of petrified wood. White...beautiful.

Just as the ark was carefully planned for the fulfilment of it's exacting plan to recreate a once fallen society....Chaco Canyon was a sacred place of gathering perfectly fulfulling the plan of the Anasazi ancestors that built it. Just as the once fallen temple became a symbol of the wreckage before the beginning when Christ came to lead the visit to Chaco Canyon, the ceremony and the treasure I brought home will be the beginning of my journey to live in the way God has planned for me.

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