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Faith Like Potatoes and Babe

Several months ago while at Target, Isabela and I found ourselves with a few extra dollars after necessities to each get a movie. The nice thing about Target is that they have movies for pretty inexpensive. That day we picked up two of our favorites.
Babe - (imdb listing)

Faith Like Potatoes - (imdb listing)

Both are positive and faith building. I had never seen Babe and found it to be such a wonderful tale of a pig with an awfully big heart. Faith Like Potatoes is more of a drama but such a wonderfully done tale of inspiring adventures that God takes a farmer and his family in South Africa.

Today Isabela chose to watch Faith like Potatoes. Sigh. What an amazing little being I am blessed to have the duty to watch over and take care. Two years old can be tough from what I can gather and perhaps she just needed a reminder that perseverance and faith can get you through any trial. Probably not...but perhaps. Either way...that's what you can expect to feel when you watch either of these.

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