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What do carrots, asparagus, yellow squash, mushrooms, rice and homemade chicken broth have in common?

A really easy recipe for a soup. Yum!

I just used what I had in the fridge and cabinet. Last week I made chicken legs. Boiled them then let them stay on med low for an hour. Strained the broth into an old juice jug. Put it in the fridge and this week...the base for the soup. While cold, strained again to remove most of the fat! yay! Then bring to boil with veggies. Cook for a half hour on med low.

I have a remarkable rice cooker! Zojarushi. Wonderful gift from very generous friend. Perfect rice at 7,000ft, which I have found is more difficult than at sea level.

So I threw together a nice batch of rice while the soup was cooking and we had a nice healthy meal that filled our bellies with warm goodness.

After dinner we settled in with some finger painting, jumping on the bed, and Finding Nemo. My little girl has a clown fish temporary tattoo (and she gave me the little turtle) which made us think of Nemo and relaxing with a snack of Goldfish!

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